Saturday, June 12, 2010

Five Key Websites To Bring Massive Traffic To Your Site

For the last three years that I have been writing for Triond, I have already tried every free websites that would let me have viewers to my site. From what you may have known from other online writers, they recommend that one way of gaining viewership is by commenting on other articles but from my experience, many fellow writers or bloggers don’t like it and mark it as spamming. Here are some of the websites that will help you achieve massive traffic to your sites:

This site has been my partner in promoting my articles and blogs for the last three years, that’s why it’s my number recommended site. You first need to register and make some friends before you successfully get viewers. You also need to download the toolbar first to have easier access. In adding articles, you need to click the ‘Like’ button and fill-in the necessary information needed for submission.

[Click here to be redirected to the download page of Stumbleupon toolbar.]

After submitting your article, you may share it to your friends but make sure to limit the article you share. Why? It is because there are some stumblers that get irritated when you try to flood their inbox with your articles. Stumbleupon is a good site because articles are segregated to their proper categories. The popularity of your site depends on how many likes your article. But do you know that it’s also good to have people who thumb down on your article because it boosts up the number of viewers of your article.

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